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Thread: 21st century science: a brand new ball game?

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    Special Relativity sustained by its own initial impetus is going as strong as ever, and so does General Relativity refurbished or rather dressed up, as it is, by its own mathematicians. Quantum theory and its various branches is doing even better; it is, as a matter of fact, the science of the future.
    All of them, however, have problems; big problems which scientists and philosophers of science alike are purposefully ignoring or giving to them not enough weight. We are talking here of a thorn in the flesh, and when it comes to both Relativities the thorn is digging deep.
    To make a long story short, the parameter «time» when applied to Science in general has been made to play the part of the interloper ever since natural philosophy became science, that is: ever since Galileo. Likewise, the parameter «space» was first tainted by the word «ether» which suggested «alchemy» or something magic like that; and then, even worst, by the word «vacuum». That was the end of space.
    The abstract status of Time and Space is the only reason which causes all, and I say all, the paradoxes infesting Relativity and most of the problems plaguing Quantum theory. If Time and Space are accepted by the establishment to respond to the 1st axiom of the theory herein presented; that is: Time and Space are physically created by an electromagnetic process to be identified with the existing electromagnetic spectrum; then, all the paradoxes infesting Relativity will disappear instantly and all the problems plaguing Quantum theory will be, after some minor adjustments, resolved in no time at all.

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