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Thread: "DARK MATTER, DARK ENERGY" ... Physics - true pseu

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    Physics - true pseudoscience!

    What other crap they think up a truly dark and dull pseudoscientific?!
    Well after all lies, those, lies, those ostepenennye asshole Thoopara useless - really do not understand?!
    Wandered into a blind alley ...
    Cnachala invented matter "dark" ... Then the "dark" energy ...
    Still, the math - not coincide with the observed astronomical reality!
    But scientific cattle did not recognize their mistakes - and continues to fool people to head ... Nested still "dark"!

    Sergey Tsymbalyuk
    Independent researcher

    P.S. And in general: how much is worth a Human Science "hvizika"?
    She still does not know: what is electricity?
    It takes only a theory - because for many decades pseudoscientific blinkered box not able to establish the true physical laws!
    Electromagnetic field theory of Maxwell, Einstein's relativity theory, Theory of short-range, quantum theory of Bohr's theory of heat radiation Planck's electromagnetic theory of light, atomic theory, theory of quantum mechanics, the theory of electron structure of matter, Lorentz Hypothesis magnetic properties of Ampere ...
    And if the observational and experimental facts invalidate this theory - the worse for the facts!
    Complete quantitative theory of nuclear forces - generally failed to even come up with!
    Theoretical fabrications hvizikov - is it not true Pseudoscience?!
    Here's just one example of debility semiofficial physics: it is believed that the Earth has a magnetic field because it allegedly inside the Earth's iron core.
    But iron LOSE magnetic properties at temperatures above 750 degrees!
    Inside the Earth's temperature is much higher ... And why, then, is taken Earth's magnetic field, idiots, physics?!

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    alrighty.... Are you here to harbor conversation or bash modern science?

    Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools, because they have to say something.

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