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Thread: The secret of plasma-jet engines of the 21 st century.

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    The secret of plasma-jet engines of the 21 st century.

    A few decades ago at all (especially in Japan) was the development of WATER-JET engines for ships using the Lorentz force and the electrical conductivity of water. Now like all hushed up ...
    But plasma - ELECTRICAL like water! If you can create a program separate from the engine of the Lorentz force for the ship - then on the same principle, you can create a plasma-jet engine and aircraft! Edakii PLAZMOMETNY engine ...
    After all, in fact, the flames and hot gases emitted from the nozzle of a jet engine - this is also plazma.Esli on the nozzle of the engine and put the electrodes to pass through them (perpendicular to the motion state of a plasma heated to the exhaust gas) electric current - that arises in this force Lorenz can be effectively used to increase the speed of the gases and, consequently, increasing traction engine!
    SECRET creation of such a plasma-jet engine is to use it powerful superconducting magnitov.Sila Lorentz occurs when the magnetic field intersects a direction perpendicular to its lines of force of electric shock. The result is a draft, which acts at right angles both to the electric current and the magnetic field, ie along the main axis of the aircraft or sea sudna.Blagodarya this from the nozzle of the water-jet engine powerful jet spouts water from the nozzle of a plasma-jet Engine - hot exhaust gases.
    The problem is that as soon as possible to create more powerful magnetic pole.Dlya that uses high-temperature superconducting electromagnets (such as an alloy of thallium and bismuth). They create the most powerful of the field (up to 30000 times stronger than conventional magnets) and in a state of superconductivity almost do not consume electricity.
    Power thrust of such engine is also directly proportional to the electric power fed toka.V this respect, the most promising mighty power installations of nuclear submarines that can give a powerful electric current. They (the submarines) will be completely silent with water-jet engines! I can quickly inhibit their movement and unfold literally in one place ...
    Well, for aircraft Lorentz force only accelerates and so rapidly running stream of exhaust gases of a jet engine.
    Even in the 70 years in rossiyanskom OKB "Torch" (jointly with the Institute of Atomic Energy. Kurchatov and MAI) contrived ELEKTROPLAZMENNY engine for space vehicles solely for the movement in space. The fact that this engine is not a way to rouse the spacecraft from Earth into space because of the low thrust.
    But: in ELECTRO-reactive (in other words: plasma-jet) engine, the disadvantage is eliminated! Stream flowing from the nozzle of a jet engine hot exhaust gases initially gives good traction, while a plasma, it is suitable for additional overclocking with the help of electric current and the Lorentz force.
    In such an engine power (more than its power - the better!) Is used to disperse the pre-ionized (ie, converted into a plasma) gas. And the speed of the flowing exhaust gases up to 50 kilometers per second.
    Created in the Experimental Design Bureau "Torch" thin elektroplazmennye engines worked on satellites series "Cosmos", "Express", "Yamal". In 1996, the government of Russia allowed the EDB "Torch" to enter into contracts for the supply abroad plasma engines. Supported by corrupt authorities and also cooperation with foreign firms in the development of these electro-me (PLASMA-JET) ENGINE. (However, according to the most recent messages - except for minor improvements for 10-odd years is nothing revolutionary could be reached ... The usual result international cooperation rossiyanskih nauchnikov!) While, however, Americans have rossiyanskih Dunces LEARN and nothing!
    Aerospace company Lockheed (contrived in the 70th - 80th years now became renowned aircraft "invisible" F-117A) with 80-ies of the experiences and improves aerospaceplane vertical takeoff and landing (if necessary, able to hang air) with a ram-jet engines. In these engines, and is used to accelerate the expiration of the gas flow Lorentz force, thus providing tremendous traction and reach an average cruising speed of flight 4000 km / h at fantastic maneuverability. A forced dispersal rate of up to 16m - that is 5 kilometers per second! What allows one to jump out into space.
    According to the observations of eyewitnesses, the sound of running engines of the aircraft PULSIRUYuSchIY.Eto explained by the fact that the electric current in the circuit periodically sent in the opposite direction. And the Lorentz force at this time is no longer accelerating, but instead immediately TORMOZIT expiring exhaust! (The same result can be achieved - by changing the polarity of the magnets). What creates a kind of supporting "plug" - about it pushed efflux gases for the next switch the direction of electricity! Simply put, this engine shoots himself, one by one gas "plug" ... This super-plane himself, creates a fulcrum for the exhaust - that allows him to overturn all terrestrial ideas about the maximum possible rate!
    Also provided for the use of a plasma field to improve the flying characteristics of aircraft (to reduce air resistance) and the achievement of the radar invisibility. It does not reflect the plasma absorbs rather centimeter and millimeter radio wave radar! Closing a cloud of plasma - a plane or missile immediately disappear from the screens radarov.Analiticheskie and experimental work on plasma technology in the United States has long maintained.
    Key number of the super-plane (on the form - so the natural triangular UFOs!) X-33.Soglasno adopted in the U.S. Air Force system of notation - the index X (Experimental) denotes the aircraft under development and experimentation. Place basic deployment - Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada.
    P.S. Promezhdu way, attempts to create a "flying saucer" in which the lift force would be created sandwiched magnetic field rotating plasma (as the blades rotate the helicopter) - have been ...
    P.P.S. But in Russia, as usual, the scientific thought went his own way ... And the collective nauchnikov Federal State Unitary Enterprise Research Center. Keldysh, headed by its Director Academician Koroteyev trying to adapt smasterennye back in the 70 years elektroplazmennye motors as generators of plasma OBRAZOVANIY.Vprochem, this has been discussed in my article "A Farewell to UFOs."
    Sergey Tsimbalyuk
    Independent researcher

    AFTER my publications on the Internet - has some secrets out!

    Source: newspaper "Sight"
    Posted: 11.08.2009, 17:31

    Space nursed a threat
    Commander of the Air Force described the plans for Russia to "Star Wars"

    By 2030, foreign countries - and especially the U.S. - will be able to strike from space throughout the territory of Russia, said Tuesday the Air Force commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said. At the same time, he promised that by 2020 Russia will create a new kind of armed forces in military and space defense. This year, the Air Force troops will be readily available. Creations team will be armed with the S-400 and modified C-500.

    "Development of air-space attack foreign countries shows that by 2030 there will be radical changes in the development of air-space as a single sphere of armed struggle" - warned the commander of the Air Force (Air Force) Russia, Colonel-General Alexander Zelenin, speaking Conference on "Status and prospects of development of the Air Force."

    "Air forces of foreign countries, primarily the United States will be able to apply a coordinated time-precision strikes on a global scale in almost all targets on the territory of Russia", - quoted him as saying RIA Novosti.

    At the same time, Colonel-General pledged that by 2020 Russia will create a new branch of the armed forces for military and space defense: "The main goal of improving the Air Force of Russia until 2020: the creation of a qualitatively new type of armed forces is the basis of a system of air space defense, capable in peacetime to deter potential aggressors, and in the military - armed aggression reflect all the available arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons "- he explained.

    Also, Alexander Zelin said that after 11 years of Air Force troops Russia will be readily available. According to him, the tasks of translation in the Air Force combat units of constant readiness to be executed sequentially, increasing the number of permanent readiness for the period from 2009 to 2016-the first in the long term - until 2020, Interfax reported.

    Created brigade air and space defense will be armed with the S-400 and C-500, said Chief of the Air Force. "C-500 is not created on the basis of C-400, a further improvement of weapons, which will be capable of striking hypersonic ballistic targets", - explained Zelin.

    Armament of the Air Force, in principle, promises to undergo major changes. According Zelina, Russia has already begun development of the newest vehicles, including hypersonic aircraft with a speed of about 6M.

    "Air Force carried out work in this area, our institutions are working to develop a fundamentally new means and systems" - quoted Air Force Chief of ITAR-TASS. However, Zelin said that "the specific orders of such samples of the latest technology the Air Force has not yet granted, are currently developing a theoretical manner."

    Responding to a question, should not hurry in response to the development of hypersonic aircraft in the United States Air Force commander said: "we have to understand what degree of threat from these aircraft. It is also necessary to understand what tools we need to nip this type of aircraft flights over the territory of Russia or friendly states. "

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    I doubt any of this is true and it will likely turn out like the magnetic water propulsion systems--good fiction but not so practical after all.

    By 2030 we'll probably have airmen piloting unmanned aircraft from half the globe away capable of achieving air superiority with accelerations and sensor tech no manned aircraft can match.

    I don't think there's a pilot left on active duty who's shot down an enemy aircraft--it's been that long.

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