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Thread: Where can i find someone to test my theory?

  1. #1 Where can i find someone to test my theory? 
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    My theory about the release of endorphins in different people relating to weightloss.
    Basically, I would like to test if people who weigh more due to lack of excercise produce less endorphins, and therefore enjoy ecercise less, than those who do regular excercise.
    This theory is currently based only on anecdotal evidence from both viewpoints, and therefore i am looking for someone to test this theory.
    Anyone who would like to test it, or who knows where i can contact someone to test it, pleae post a reply.

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    If you were really interested I'd enroll in a university and study biochemistry. If you're someone with a lot of money, you can fund it yourself and I'd consult your local university's biochemistry department (if they have one, I don't know where you are).

    If you're not incredibly loaded and looking to fund this yourself, I'd make sure you really know what you're talking about (and from the viewpoint of valid science) before talking to anyone about it.

    Good luck.

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    I'll possibly do it. If you conduct your survey on students also, I'll do it as long as there's no process of taking expiremental medication, sure. I'm of the preteen age, still a child, and I'm not fat, but I'm 108lbs. You could conduct your survey on adults and children, and factor in what the diferences are, but I'll do it if you need a kid. I also run cross country and am going to run track, if that counts as physical excercise.
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