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    Potential Proton Propeller:

    Typical Hydrogen contains one proton in the nucleus and one electron in it's electron orbital level. In order to ionize Hydrogen, which means to break it into a separate proton and electron; a field of 13.6 electron volts is necessary. What would happen if Hydrogen is contained in a steel containment and the Hydrogen atoms are ionized? I propose that the electrons will fly out of the containment and the protons will bounce around the containment until they settle due, to being unipolar. However, if a section of the containment is made of copper, silver or gold, the protons will be released from the containment, but never settle due to their being linear channels in these metals big enough to fit protons through (the crystal structures of copper, silver and gold are cubic face centered). The protons will bounce around the containment until they run into the copper, silver or gold section, where they will fly out linearly and never have the opportunity to settle at the bottom of the containment due to the proton being unipolar.

    Also, instead of just a copper, gold or silver section, you make a section that is attached to a wire(copper, silver or gold); protons will run through the wire like electrons through wires except the protons will flow through the channels and the electrons will go from free electrons to free electron through the wire. This would be the beginning of protonics which is similar to electronics. Once protons are run through wires, many experiments can be performed in the subject of protonics.

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