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Thread: wave function theory for everything

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    I believe that there is a wave function that can unify the four forces of the universe. everything is a form of wave in some sense ie.electromagnetic waves, light waves, sound waves, gravity waves, seasons changing are like a wave cycle, your heart beats in waves, your brain thinks in waves, you breathe in waves, when you drop something in water waves form, an engines pistons move in a timed wave cycle, day and night is consecutively repetitive like a wave cycle, when you walk you take a step with one leg than the other and this is repeated over and over again like a wave cycle, music has melodies rythms that are repetitive and can be viewed as a wave cycle, When God created the universe he spoke everything into existance, when we speak we create waves, and light was first which is a form of wave. I think God is hinting at what everything truly is.

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