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Thread: Dielectric properties and absurdities of modern physics

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    Dielectric properties and absurdities of modern physics

    Actual orthodox electromagnetism assumes a uniform comportment of dielectric inside a capacitor, independent of their aggregation (solid, liquid or gas) states. Some simple experiments able to be performed in any low level schools demonstrate the contrary. A capacitor having a gas or liquid as dielectric cannot store energy inside dielectric. Of course, only the cases of classical capacitors (two metal plates and a dielectric) are taken into discussion. In the book a detailed analysis of more complex capacitors like electrolytic capacitors will be provided.
    The proposed experiments are redundant if some well known historical facts are analyzed. The electric charges from a Van der Graaf device sphere disappear mysteriously as soon the belt stop rotating.
    The old dissectible Leyden jar experiment is reloaded and reinterpreted.

    As usual, the Romanian version will serve as reference:

    A quite good English translation is provided at:

    Soon the french, spanish and italian translation will be available.

    In the meantime the old material about electrostatic and Coulomb law was translated in French, Spanish and Italian and these translation can be found at next links:

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    Sorin Cosofret

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