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    I have been researching the reports on so-called reported U.F.O interaction with Military missile installations. Theoretical advanced physics, dispersed energy projections?

    Human kind has a way of reading into technical data avoiding simple elementary physics. REVERSED MAGNETIC CHARGED PARTICLE FUSION TECHNOLOGY.

    Charged Positive/negative protons and neutrons existing in fluid space.

    Charged particle fusion within a confined reversed magnetic field. (Quantum Polarity)

    Quantum polarity particle beam conversion ratio of element 115 to 116 energy displacement (helium neculous) controlled high yield energy displacement flux supportive battery system (Quantum Flow) Quantum conversion of fluid space similar to the continuous energy dispersed by a Quasar.

    Possible uses are as follows. PROPULSION AND SPECIFIC WEAPONS USES.

    In theory a Gravitational slingshot of any fixed magnetic field within fluid space IE a star, moon, or planetary object. A reversed magnetic field or pulse generated and absorbed within a positive polarity of charged particles of protons and neutrons.

    In theory the energy within the magnetic flux takes space that is constant rate of speed from point A to point B and bends or warps the fabric of fluid space.

    Within the guidelines of this technology allows for Controlled frequency E.M.P via satellite transmission or other means of delivery of said weapon or device used to place any electrical device inert without any signs of damage to equipment effected by said CF EMP via air craft or satellite in orbit.

    In other words some would say perhaps no need for Nukes in Space type Star Wars defense system.

    This area of study can be very complex and proper use of computer generated concept designs would be a great way to share how this process works. I openly admit I am not a expert on this technology and only wish to share and learn what other people have possibly discovered within this field of study.

    Anyone else open minded enough to share or comment on this field of study?

    I am no expert in the field of Magnetic propulsion, and I am no UFO freak, I have been studying the different aspects of energy, and have discovered one must think outside the box in terms that are excepted as fact.

    Sorry if what I am saying sounds bizarre as it ll sure seemed just that to me. Trying to discover how each aspect of what I was trying to portray takes a lot of time and research.

    Studying everything from how a Pulsar or solar star ejects energy into open space and how that matter/anti matter is dispersed via gravitational fields in open space and follow magnetic fields similar to how a water flows in a river and works in conjunction with quantum physics.

    This charged particle spacial fluid energy source can be safely collected through reversed magnetic polarity in theory creating a endless energy conversion or a steady high yield quantum flow.

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