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Thread: Multiverse Alternative to the Big Bang

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    Suppose there are an infinite number of universes, all coexisting at the same time, overlapping each other, and a black hole represents a situation where matter and/or energy is being squeezed out of our universe, and into other universes.

    The photons being squeezed out of our universe by any given black hole don't all go to the same other universe, but each individual photon randomly chooses a different universe as it destination (or if any two choose the same destination, this is the result of pure chance.) Also, black holes are not always located in the same place in different universes. (Maybe they're never located in the same place)

    That would explain the CMBR. Because the locations of black holes in other universes are essentially random to us, the photons they emit into our universe appear to be arriving from an infinite number of random locations.

    Hubble expansion could be explained if space were also collapsing into a black hole and re-emerging elsewhere. That would mean the black holes from other universes are constantly injecting new space into our universe, so space everywhere appears to expanding, except in the vicinity of a black hole, where it is collapsing.

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