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Thread: We will begin publishing the fundamentals of the theory in

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    We will begin publishing the fundamentals of the theory in 1- 5-10

    Index of the fundamentals of the unification theory

    Chapter I: Foundations and hypotheses

    Chapter II: Optical phenomena

    Chapter III: The forces in nature 1, 2

    Chapter IV: Energy and Movement

    Chapter V: Astronomy

    Chapter VI: Other topics, and Miscellaneous

    Chapter VII: Chemistry

    Chapter VIII: Philosophy of the theory

    Chapter I: Foundations and hypotheses

    Before you start


    Characteristics of particles

    Re-interpretation of experiments Stoletov

    The charged light particle

    Particles of neutralization and explain the concept of strong and weak atoms

    The charge and Mona groups

    Experience of form and matter status

    Temperature and extended objects

    Types of neutralization (internal and external)

    A glimpse of where the standard

    Radiation of black body

    Charged mass of the earth

    Mass and charge

    Introduction to the new, simplified form of atomic

    Another summary of the simplified model of atomic

    Static electricity

    Types of charge

    Atom and its particles

    Add, atom and particles properties



    Chapter II: Optical phenomena


    Chapter III: The forces of nature ( 1 , 2 )

    ( 1 )

    The so-called forces of nature

    Characteristics and properties of matter

    Weak nuclear force

    Power nuclear force

    Reciprocity, or gravity or remote interfaces

    The Gravitation of accessories of the planets, (impedance) and expulsions

    ( 2 )

    Neutralization particles is a polarized particles

    How to make a magnet

    How magnets produce electric current

    Effect of the magnetic of the electric current

    Light and resistance, such as tungsten

    Electrical conductivity

    Chapter IV: Energy and Motion

    Motion and the cosmic movement


    Mechanical energy

    Energy Resources

    Chapter Five: The Physics of Celestial Bodies and Cosmology (Astronomy)

    Phases of the stars

    Big Bang Theory

    Expansion of the Universe

    Earth's radiation and solar radiation

    Solar Energy

    Earth and the Sun
    Dimension, spin, spin, and Milan axis and magnetic Ospbha

    The properties of the sun and the earth

    Draw internal and external equalizer

    The moon and the earth


    depth of Mercury


    Comets, meteors and meteorites

    What is the cause of volcanoes

    Unseen universe

    Black Holes

    Solar black spots

    Change the Earth's magnetic field

    Chapter VI: Miscellaneous and other topics

    The speed of light


    Blocks and times

    Standard location or Standard site

    Absolute zero on earth

    Warming of the atmosphere (and how to deal with)

    Convert the elements to the other elements

    The interpretation of friction

    Other equations

    Chapter VII: Chemistry

    Chemical reactions

    Periodic Table

    Chapter VIII: Philosophy of the theory

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    "most of our concepts of physics, were based on fallacious grounds. the wave characteristics of the particles, and zero mass, And idle talk about the fourth dimension, jumps of Niels Bohr electrons, the myopia of grand explosion theory, madness of mathematics and dimensions in superstrings theory."
    Your site is advertising new physical theories (if you can call them that, but they seem pretty ridiculous to me), You should have posted in the new hypothesis and ideas forum.

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    Your theory doesn't even show any maths.

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