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    Electrochemistry cut off experiments and absurdity of modern science….

    Due to a lot of advantages, mainly the low cost of materials and simplicity of design, electrochemistry is becoming a preferred field for new proposed cut off experiments.
    The first cut off experiment relates a battery for which both electrodes (cathode and anode) undergo an oxidation reaction. It consists simply in an electrode of Zn and an electrode of Fe dipped into a solution of sulfuric acid. Both electrodes are oxidized and bubbles of hydrogen are visible with naked eyes at both electrodes and supplementary an analytical procedure can detect Fe and Zn species in solution. For those specialists with ,,seeing problems” a detailed photo with gas bubbling is provided. A common ammeter connected between these electrodes is able to detect an electric current with a size related to the area of electrodes immersed into solution. I think it is the simplest experiment ever designed which rule out actual modern science. The cost of experiment: about 1 euro. Of course, other couple of reactive metals or other electrolytes can be used with the same results.
    The myth of simultaneously oxidation at one electrode and reduction to opposite electrode fall down. The oxidation state is supplementary ruled out as being useless and artificially introduced in science.

    Second experiment reload the old Volta pile, the first battery ever build. All ,,serious” scientific texts remind it only as a curiosity without any detail for a very simple reason: there is no explanation for it. It is not clear why salt brine increase the current furnished by a couple of Zn and Cu electrodes, when no reaction takes place between salt and these metals.

    The link: cut off experiments.htm

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