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    energy is neither gained nor lost. so that means that you can put any amount of energy into an object to make it move and you can then reclaim all of that energy to make it stop. we could apply this to cars. unfortunately there will still be energy loss because of the wind, but there are still other areas we could greatly improve upon.

    stopping and going for example. almost every vehicle in existence expends energy to get moving and then grinds it away in the break pad. that's a serious amount of energy being lost. especially since the majority of passenger driving is stop and go driving. currently there isn't any technology that can absorb the energy from stopping. some hybrids have systems that get some from stopping, but they still don't know how to absorb that much energy so quickly. so that's the first hurdle.

    the second hurdle is engine efficiency. a standard combustion engine generates, on average, 30%-35% of the energy released from the fuel. the rest is lost as heat. electric cars are better, but they still average out to about 65% of the energy when you get done. you lose 20% pumping the electricity from the power station to your home. you then lose another 10% charging the battery, and last you lose another 10% when it powers the electric motor.

    if we eliminated both of these factors that would give us 4 times the fuel usage at minimum. we could get 3 times the fuel usage from absorbing 100% of the energy from the fuel. and we could get more than twice the fuel usage if we took back our energy stopping. these are all known issues. the task is to come up with viable sollutions for absorbing energy really fast for stopping and finding the best way to absorb energy from its source. they problem could be solved with one sollution because of the similar nature of the two problems.

    anyone got any ideas?

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