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    A Palestinian doctor to come to a new foundation for physics
    Reach a Palestinian Arab doctor named Mona Sadi to establish a new foundation for Theoretical Physics. This is a starting point the foundations of the theory of the future, has developed a new model of the atom, and the basis of this model to the interpretation of all phenomena of nature, causal explanation, namely that the theory of successful science.
    We ask all the relevant institutions to help it, and to assist him, as the theory needs to complete the technical support.
    The foundations of the theory I've seen a month ago in your forum located within the Forum, I think,
    But his name within the Forum and on the Internet physicsup

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    Thanks, I found the site. I can say the hypothesis (perspective) has the makings of a "new foundation for physics"... if that's possible. Overall, it's pretty elegant, and not basically silly as I feared. There are some ideas I find hard to accept, like the stars being driven by mutual gravity ("reciprocity" as Mona calls it) with other bodies.

    Well, it's a sketch.

    Anyway I'm sorry to say one post advertising is considered SPAM on this site, and will probably get put into trash... unless a constructive debate begins. That debate depends on your active contribution.

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