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    Presented here is original basic concept of Self-Sustaining AC & DC, Vertical & Horizontal Motor Assembly.

    With reference to Figure 1, is shown the perspective of simple vertical variation of either AC or DC self-sustaining motor assembly A. As shown, the electric motor 1 and elongated generator 2 have common shaft 3, common two bearings 4, common frame 5, and common stand 6. At top of the shaft is attached a pulley 7 and string 8 with loose end 8-a. Shown further is the internal electrical line 9 connecting the generator 2 to electric motor 1. Also an output electrical line 10 of generator 2.The electric motor 1 has WIDER WIDTH 1-a than the generator 2., thus with longer leverage, stronger torque, capable of overcoming mass resistance that, even though the, advisably, hi-speed electric motor has, say, one HP, it is capable of driving, rotating, the much larger, say six HP generator 2 because of compensating longer leverage. As illustrated, the bottom shaft 3-a has oval shaped (or with installed roller bearing) sitting over the water-cool adjustable base 11.

    The simple operation is as follows: Roll the adequate string 8 with loose end 8-a to pulley 7, then pull the string 7 until completely loosen. But in the process, adequately cause the common electric motor 1 and generator 2 to rotation, and for generator 2 to produce electricity, part of such electrical output is channeled to the electric motor 1 thru internal line 9 to cause said electric motor 1 to rotation and drive the generator 2 to rotation synchronously, and for the generator 2 to produce electricity to self-feed electric motor 1, etc. The other part of electrical output of generator 2 is channeled to its output line 10 for outside purposes, such as lighting household, driving electric fans, etc.

    With reference to Figure 2 is shown horizontal variation of AC & DC motor assembly B. shown are the electric motor 1,generator 2, the common shaft 3, common two bearings 4, common frame 5, common horizontal stand 6, pulley 7, string 8 with loose end 8-a, the internal line 9 of generator 2 to electric motor 1 and to output line 10. The electric motor 1 has wider width 1-a than the generator 2. There is no need for base11. The simple operation is the same with Figure 1. This horizontal variation can be converted into electric fan by installing a fan at shaft end 3-d.

    This self-sustaining motor assembly can replace windmill and sun light energy devices. There are many variations, as filed pending with Bureau of Patents, Philippines, re-variations with independent driving electric motor, with overlooking magnet preferably neo-magnet., with step-up, step-down feature, with driving gasoline prime mover, battery prime mover, either. DC brush or brushless.

    Manufacturers are invited to construct at liberty and to market as cheaply as possible this one of the cheapest CLEAN ENERGY device, so that its very potential contributions at this accelerating energy crisis will be realized.

    Jose S. Aldea, Inventor, .Chairman Capiz Scientists & Inventors Society - Philippines
    Alfredo A. Bisnar, Associate

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