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    What is the real repulsive force of cosmological constant? (revised with more clarity)

    Dr. Albert Einstein introduced cosmological constant, re-repulsive force, in 1917 to counteract gravity and stabilize the universe. Dr. Einstein shared the cosmological concept of Dr. Fred Hoyle, re- the “steady state theory” . But, shortly, with Big Bang theory of astronomer-physicist, Lemaitre and the evidenctial astronomical observation of Astronomer, Edwin Hubble,of red-shifting of ALL galaxies, implicating that ALL galaxies were moving outward, led uncomfortable Dr. Einstein to declare that his cosmological constant was his biggest mistake. Cosmological constant was later on adopted, re-the repulsive force concept, as the explanation why galaxies are running away,.. It is now strongly considered that the repulsive force could be dark energy pushing the galaxies outward? There could be another more valid explanation for the phenomena, re-repulsive force” of cosmological constant.. Here it is:

    Hydrogen has proton (positive) and electron (negative). If there are 1 million hydrogen atoms, all will be repulsing one another. Why? Because the outer shells of all hydrogen atoms are negative, and when the negative outer shell of one hydrogen is facing the negative outer shell of another hydrogen, the tendency is to repulse from one another. Air molecules in atmosphere are in expanded state, actually, all air molecules, having similar negative property, are repulsing one another, re-negative to negative.. But air is compressible as in content of air gun , and once fired, expands and is blown, actually, the air molecules repulsing one another. .Just how difficult is it to fuse hydrogen to hydrogen.? How successful is the project pertaining to fusion of hydrogen as source of inexhaustible energy?

    As it is in micro atom, so in macro galaxies. In gargantuan suspended bodies in outer space, as a lumpsum, like in micro atom, the galaxies, each, has nucleus ( black hole) with flexible prominent positive property while the rotating billions of satellite stars, like electrons at outer shell, has flexible prominent negative property, thus the gravitational fields of both attracts and binds one another, re-positive to negative binding, in keeping with universal law of opposite: like repulse, unlike attract. Thus, as all galaxies have, SIMILARLY, prominent negative- directional stars at their outer shells, when two galaxies come closer to one another, both galaxies are repulsed by their similar negative-bearing gravitational fields, re-nagative to negative Gravity, like magnet, is directional, point the magnet to right, and it is positive, point to the left, it is negative, like cheap electric motor which can be manually rotated counter-clockwise (positive), manually rotated clockwise (negative).. In isolated cases like two galaxies, wherein one galaxy has prominently positive outer shell, and the other approaching galaxy, prominently negative, there is attraction, binding of both gravitational fields, as result, the greater galaxy eats the lesser galaxy, re-black hole eating the other galaxy.

    Dark energy, much less dark matter, appears to be sparse in the transparent harsh cold universe. The comet tail, for instance, of some 150 million kilometers length of ionized fundamental particles, is visible because light comes in contact with the ionized particles but the conceived fundamental particle dark energy and dark matter to consist 96% content of the universe, is not visible because both appear scarce. What causes the red-shifting of ALL galaxies? The undeniable existence of spacetime of Dr. Einstein finally rear its head., In those great, great distances, re-millions. billions of light years distances from all galaxies to earth, the spacetime, its all-encompassing supra-supra thin no-mass skein, is bound to thicken, like London fog, and to interfere with travelling light waves to causes light waves to weaken, to slow down (and ultimately to stop), to lengthen and widen wave length, thus to cause red-shifting of ALL galaxies the farther the distance...

    In a nutshell, the greatest mistake of Dr. Einstein, re-the cosmological constant, is no mistake after all.. Outer space/ spacetime is in steady state. About the CMBR, thicker CMBR was observed in clusters of galaxies. Also, it was observed that CMBR distribution throughout the universe is not all even or smooth. It could be that through several billions of years, some 15 billion years old, .the CMBR, the making of some 15 billion galaxies in the visible universe, could have scattered and distributed widely and almost throughout the universe. Another puzzle maybe solved: Is Big Bang an explosion of matter or inflation of both matter and spacetime? With the universe in steady state, it implicates that the spacetime of Dr. Einstein,( which is also the old aether, and the new aether of Dr. Einstein, himself) was ahead in the making of the make-up of the universe than the matter explosion of Big Bang.. (A picture cannot be drawn without a convas)


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