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    What is the real repulsive force of cosmological constant?

    Dr. Albert Einstein introduced cosmological constant, re-repulsive force, in 1917 to counteract gravity and stabilize the universe. Dr. Einstein and Dr. Fred Hoyle were proponents of the “steady state theory” . However, Dr. Lemaitre proposed Big Bang in 1928 and the subsequent observation of Dr. Hubble that ALL galaxies were red-shifting, implicating the galaxies were moving outward,. .led Dr. Einstein to declare that his cosmological constant is his biggest mistake. Cosmological constant was later on adopted, re-the repulsive force concept, has the only explanation why galaxies are running away, are red-shifting. It is now strongly suspected that the repulsive force could be dark energy pushing the galaxies outward the universe, accelerating? There could be another more valid explanation for the phenomena, re-repulsive force” of cosmological constant.. Here it is:

    Note that hydrogen has proton (positive) and electron (negative). If there are 1 million hydrogen atoms, all will be repulsing one another. Why because the outer shell, re-negative of one hydrogen is facing the outer shell, re- negative of the other hydrogen, the tendency is repulsion from one another. Air for instance, with the same atomic arrangement, re- same number of protons in nucleus and fast rotating electrons, forms the atmosphere are at balanced distance from one another. But if air is compressed in air gun , the compressed air, once fired, expands and is blown, each ar molecule, independent and separate from one another. Air cannot be compressed to form one fused air because the fast spinning negative electrons on the outer shells of the atoms are facing the same negative electrons of the outer shell of other atom. How successful is the fusion of hydrogen as source of inexhaustible energy?

    As it is in micro as in atom, so is in macro as in galaxies. In gargantuan suspended bodies in outer space, like the galaxies, the nucleus (generally accepted as black hole) of such galaxy has more prominent positive than negative property at the surface of such galaxy, always dexterously facing the more prominent flexible negative property than positive property, respectively, of the billions of orbiting stars, thus, though always, the negative property of the stars are flexibly facing and binds the positive property of the nucleus, the opposite side of the stars, facing outer space, is flexibly always positive. As other galaxies have such set-up, re-the outer shells of their satellite stars have flexibly positive property, when two of these galaxies come near one another, both galaxies repulse one another, why, because the outer shells of both are positive to positive facing, thus repulsion, in conformity with the law of the universe, re-law of opposite, re-like repulse, unlike attracts..

    There are exceptional cases where the outer shells of galaxies, facing one another, have facing positive property and negative property. In such case, one galaxy eats the other galaxy, re-blackhole eating the other galaxy.

    Dark energy, much less dark matter, appears strongly to be sparse in the transparent harsh cold universe, should have been as visible as the comet tail of some 150 million kilometers length of ionized particle because light comes in contact with the ionized particle but dark energy and dark matter to consisting of 96% content of the universe, is invisible because both are scarse. What causes the red-shifting of ALL galaxies? The real spacetime of Dr. Einstein, in those great, great distances, re-millions. billions of light years distances from galaxies to earth, makes the spacetime, its no-mass all-permeating skein, finally rear its head: the skein thickens and interferes with travelling light waves that causes light waves to weaken, slow down (and to stop), to lengthen and widen wave length, thus to cause to red-shift of ALL galaxies.

    In a nutshell, the greatest mistake of Dr. Einstein, re-the cosmological constant, is no mistake at alll. Outer space/ spacetime of Dr. Einstein and Dr. Hoyle is steady. About the CMBR, it is observed that more CMBR is present in cluster of galaxies. Also, it was observed that CMBR distribution throughout the universe is not all even or smooth. It could be that through several billions of years, the CMBR, the making of the galaxies for some 10 billion in the visible universe, spread widely, almost evenly all over and to every nooks of the universe.
    Another important question: Is Big Bang the biggest explosion/inflation of matter? It is. Spacetime of Dr. Einstein, which is also the new aether, the cosmological constant, was there occupying all of outer space, steadily, before the matter explosion of Big Bang. (A picture cannot be drawn without a convass)




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