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Thread: Second Experimental Challenge to Quantum Theory

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    The first experimental challenege to quantum theory, which I posted just over a week ago, was designed to demonstrate that there is a larger field or wave around the photon core which must pass through both slits in order for a double slit interference pattern to be generated. This second experiment is designed to demonstrate that that field not only needs to pass through both slits but that it needs to be in contact or communication with the photon core shortly after passing the slits to generate the pattern. In this experiment light from a 630-680nm laser is sent through a 0.06mm single slit 483mm from the laser. Next the spreading light in the center ban from the single slit then passes through two 0.05mm slits separated by a 1.85mm spacer after traveling an additional 37mm. The light from the double slit forms two divergent single slit patterns with separate center intensities and peripheral bans which are displayed on a screen 1058mm further away. The inside peripheral bans between the two center bans are subdivided further into bans with double slit spacing. Next a transverse shield is placed 5mm in front of the double slit which begins in the space between the first and second peripheral bans to the right of the left center ban and ends in the space between the first and second peripheral bans to the left of the right center ban. This blocks out all bans in the center between the first inside peripheral bans of each pattern creating a dark corridor. The separate double slit pattern within the inside single slit peripheral bans still remains. If one slit is blocked the double slit spacing disapears from the remaining pattern. Tracing the individual single slit patterns separately on the screen reveals that they do not overlap. Finally with both slits open a 99mm longitudinal shield is placed 5mm beyond the transverse shield in the dark corridor. This results in eliminating the double slit spacing. The continuation of the double slit spacing in the inside peripheral beams even after the transverse shield eliminates any overlap or convergence of light paths and the association of each pattern with a known path through the corresponding slit is in contradiction to the principles of quantum theory. The elimination of the double slit pattern by intorduction of the longitudinal shield that does not block any light paths indicates that there is a larger non-luminous field which must pass through both slits and remain in contact with the photon core to generate the double slit spacing.

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