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Thread: Red shifts of ALL galaxies: one evidence of spacetime?

  1. #1 Red shifts of ALL galaxies: one evidence of spacetime? 
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    Red shifts of ALL galaxies: one evidence of presence of spacetime?

    The accentuated spacetime of Dr. Einstein, which is also ether (please refer to posted article:”Why Michelson-Morley experiment failed to detect ether”) unquestionably exists.. Here is another proof that spacetime exists: ALL galaxies red shift could be due to the thickened skein of spacetime, considering such millions billions light years distances from such galaxies to earth, that such skeins thicken (like London fog) and is bound to rear its head, and it does, it interferes with light waves and causes light to slows down and ultimately to stop, like ripple of water.. This slowing of light waves widens, lengthens light waves, to become principally red shifting, of ALL galaxies,… not exactly that the universe is accelerating faster outward, because the most distant supernova red shifts more.. not that it is fundamental particles, re-dark energy and dark matter, which is both sparse in TRANSPARENT UNIVERSE,...that cause the acceleration of the expansion of the universe.



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