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    Fundamentals of all the future New Physics Theories
    This all what was published between 20-10- 09 and 20-11- 09
    After week all the theory
    I know a very little English
    Need grammar particularity

    Fundamentals of the unification theory of mater
    1- Introduction
    2- Hypotheses and Theory
    3- Optical phenomena
    4- Energy and Motion


    Purpose of the theory

    There is a need for a single unified theory, could explain all the phenomena of nature. And shorten all theories of physics in one, able to explain and interpret all what interpreted by earlier theories. At the conclusions for the future of the realities of the universe. And interpretation of what all theories can not be interpreted or understood by old theories. Then put a convincing philosophical theory based on scientific facts, which no doubt, unite the human spirit, and do not accept the interpretation. Unite all the forces in nature on the basis that is properties of the material. And give causal explanation of all events. To be simple and streamlined, as the simplicity of the universe. And give explanations on the interpretation that other theories failed.
    This theory is different and clashing with the old concepts, but not with the truth, a single, unified comprehensive and integrated manner, the basis of truth. The most important thing is unified among the laws that apply to the solar system with the atom laws, it is causal theory of distinction.
    most of our concepts of physics, were based on fallacious grounds. the wave characteristics of the particles, and zero mass, And idle talk about the fourth dimension, jumps of Niels Bohr electrons, the myopia of grand explosion theory, madness of mathematics and dimensions in superstrings theory.

    That this theory, identify the black holes, dark matter, and sunspots. The earth's Warming, and the effects of the space shuttle out on the climate and gravity. And provide a deeper understanding of the so-called forces of nature, and a definition of the charge, and have the ability to give causal answers, to all the phenomena of nature.
    Dr: Sadi S Mona

    Hypotheses and Theory

    Assumptions and theoretical

    First: The atomic model is currently being used is not valid, and there is another model reflects the reality of the atom.
    And can explain all optical phenomena, on the basis of the new model, as well as the new model can ,
    Unite the forces of nature on the basis, that it is properties of the material.
    Second: repair corrupted theories. and nonsense that have been made to the knowledge of physics.
    Say at the outset that there are two types of atoms: - a strong nucleus atoms, and weak nucleus atoms.
    Atoms are neutral in the normal position, a condition in addition to the atom, equalizer particles.

    Dr: Sadi Said Mona


    I will start assumptions, and I say that there is no limits for the matter of the universe. That the universe is unlimited in his littleness of its parts or bigness of its parts. If we find in our measurement limits, then this universe, is part of the real universe. The real universe is far greater than we measure.
    As for the lower limits of particles. There is no limit to the small mass of material. It is wrong to regard the particles of light, particles with zero mass. There are mass of material has a mass less than the mass of particle of light. If we increased the accuracy of our measurements, we can found smaller blocks of the mass than particle of light.
    The matter or material: did not exterminate does not create but develop.
    No beginning no end of the matter. Allowed to exist in parts of the universe develops or beginnings and endings.
    Exist in the universe only to the material. And that energy is moving of matter or material, nothing else.
    These assumptions and laws that we will adopt it, I do not want to prove now. Some are proved and the other I will demonstrate later, so as not to prolong the issue now.

    Dr: Sadi S Mona

    Character of particles

    The particles of light and elementary particles are polarized particles, charged, and, have mass. Based on the experiments of Stolitov and Libidev. These particles do exist within the atom.
    The new model explains the structure of the atom, and its importance for physics. I say that the new atomic model, is able to solve all the problems of physics easer than the others. Either keep hold of old physics. But is an injustice to mankind, or to accept the truth.
    There is an equation of energy easy, simple and best of Einstein equation one million times.
    I will put the new form of atom soon.

    Dr: Sadi S Mona


    Before putting the new atomic model, we should understand the structure of elementary particles. and identify the charge.
    All the elementary particles, including particles of light, consisting of groups of Mona, strong and weak, and Mona groups has a combination similar to the structure of atoms but smallest, if you wish, but this only temporarily. If the amount of Mona strong groups dominate on weak Mona groups, in this particle, we said that this particle is positive, and if the amount of weak Mona groups more effective. We say that this a negative particle. Add that all this talk has no scientific meaning, but will reveal later, and this fact will prove itself automatically. But I want to say, that every particle is composed of groups, and not of a homogeneous body as we thought before. Groups of Mona, weak and strong. In different rates, which sets a charge particle.
    This talk is currently weak and temporary, It is of great importance in the interpretation of all the phenomena of nature, easy, and this will be seen later. Everything in nature without exaggeration.
    No quacks

    Dr: Sadi S Mona

    Equalizer particles

    In general atom consists of a positively charged nucleus and electrons are negatively charged. And another guest I'll call: Equalizer particles. Particles of positive charge and negative charge. It differs from the photons, it is significantly different in every thing.

    The first Low: says that the atomic charge of any atom, is less than half of electron charge, if not in addition of equalizer particles. When we add Equalizer particles, atom become almost neutral.
    Now there an atoms have a nuclei charge strongest, of the total charge of electrons, this nuclei we title strong. Or strong nuclei atoms , or strong atoms.
    There are an atoms have nuclei charge weak relative to the total charge of electrons, this nuclei we title weak, or weak nuclei atoms, or weak atoms.
    An example of the weak atoms is iron, and the strong atom oxygen or hydrogen.
    Now to balance the charge of the atoms. It must be added to the atom equalizer particles, positive or negative, according to the type of element.
    This applies to most elements of the periodic table. But not all. And here comes to mind, that more elements of earth, are the elements of weak nuclei. Add that in our planet positive equalizer particles are rare The negative is in abundance.
    If so, we can: interpretation the status of the material, Causal explanation.
    We know that the strong nuclei atoms need to negative equalizer particles
    to because neutral strong nuclei atoms, they get them easily, they becomes a neutral atom or above neutral atoms, become liquid then gas. The neutral is liquid.
    But if the element of weak atoms nuclei, it can not get or obtain everything
    of what it wants. and it remains in solid state.
    And solid-state different degrees, If the difference between the nuclei charge and the charges of electrons significantly big, The atom needs a big amount of positive particles in order to become a liquid or gas. This explain the heat needed to melt metals. and the variation in what is required for each element of them.
    If that Temperature, is particles are added to the atom, not motion of molecular as we thought before.
    But in appearance like motion of molecules, but not the truth of causation of what happened.

    Dr: Sadi S Mona

    Reciprocity or far gravity

    We consider that the earth have neutral charge and this is true for the inhabitants of the earth. For an observer from outside the Earth
    That is not true or incorrect, because most of the elements of the planet or the proportion of the most, are weak nucleus elements, this in comparative to the elements of the sun
    That mean the earth have negative charge, and the sun positively charged. for that the our planet needed to get positive particles from the sun.
    And the sun need to get negative particles to her stability from our planet.
    For those who say gravity is much weaker than the charge. We would tell them that the ratio of charge is equal to the amount or quantity of cargo divided on the mass. Second low.
    For example, the greater the mass, decreased ratio of charge . and remember: that the charge of atom less than half electron charge. And because, to the atoms were added equalizer particles, which reduce the charge.
    Further, the elements of earth is made of two types of elements, weak and strong together, for that the difference in the charge will be much much much less.
    It is important to know that the rate of charge is much less when the mass is greater .
    It is important to know, that what happens between the electron and the nucleus is the same as what occurs between the earth and the sun, The reciprocity.
    Depending on the law of the proportion of the ratio of charge .
    Here we have a little stretch to the new atomic model, and we got an understanding of Far gravity, one of the qualities of the matter.
    Every day I will explain a new quick understanding of forces,
    From the forces of nature, and a deeper explanation of the universe. What concerns me is what I present to humanity and not to get an award.
    We must rename the gravity, and called it reciprocity because reciprocity more general and comprehensive and interactive, it not limited to what is happening between the stars and its planets, but on what happens between the nucleus and accessories as well.

    Dr: Sadi S Mona


    This theory requires the material support of those who love truth to win, and scientific institutions, in order to be able to use an efficiency interpreter. Perhaps the majority did not grasp what I write. However, some nationalities, who mastered the Arabic language are the first to have been convinced, and take care of this theory, they try to formulate a language, and translate well. And claiming that they are the their own. And other hackers.

    Here is a summary overview of the new atomic form to:

    Black holes and the invisible universe

    First: We as human beings see the positive light and positive equalizer particles, but negative equalizer particles we do not see them, that mean we see positive light particles only.
    Any group of strong nuclei as the sun, or the nucleus of oxygen, it sends to the outside of the group positive particles, different from the radioactive elements. And depends on several factors will put it in a timely manner. And any weak nucleus group, absorbs the positive particles. These weak groups, considered as the unseen world. The stars absorbent to light. I consider it to be stars, not black holes, they are like nuclei of absorbent particles and positive particles are similar to anti-particles. That is, negative nuclei, and positive orbital charge.
    That the difference between the invisible universe and black holes is that the group be weak nucleus, and not a negative nucleus, and absorbs the positive particles.
    In the black holes, the star itself absorbed positive objects and positive particles.

    Here we have another understanding of the antibody. Also, there are anti-atoms and anti stars .Too.

    Black Holes

    I want to point out that black holes, are stars only negatively charged, and this according to my theory. These stars absorbs positively charged particles, because the composition of most of the atoms of the star are type weak nuclei, we see the star like a hole.

    Dr Sadi S Mona

    Black spots solar

    It is the volcanoes only occur on the surface of the sun, and issued a negative particle rather than positive particles resulting from a volcano on the Earth's surface. These particles absorbs from the solar surface. No ray is issued from them.
    For those who believe in the sun occur nuclear reactions, in order to give us this energy, or particles, is in preparation or fully wrong. That the sun gives positive particles in the process of reciprocity, and take from the planets negative particles, it is purely an interactive process.

    Dr: Sadi S Mona


    What I want people to say about me: that I am the first how but the correct foundations for physics science.
    That the model of atomic evolve gradually. When we complete the theory, we have come to the model, the closest thing to the truth. but It is not the whole truth.
    What type currently is a summary. And will go further in the future in each case separately.

    Weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear forces

    In the weak nuclear force the nucleus are of a size and mass larger than usual, and almost neutral. The nucleus is trying to get rid of this excess of the mass size and non-compatible with its tropics group.
    In the strong nuclear forces, the nucleus are almost neutral, and neutral have close similarities qualities, to qualities of liquid. If the nucleus stoned appropriate external particle unable to access the nucleus. It is easy to split and disintegrate part of it. These particles released from detritus off the atom, which have different sizes so it has the equation, different from Einstein's equation, in all aspects.
    Equation is: energy is equal to the total mass released multiplied by the average speed square.
    And not the speed of light. True if the nucleus release visible light only. And nothing else.
    Most of our concepts of physics, were based on fallacious grounds. Came in.: wave characteristics of the particles, and mass zero, and idle talk about the fourth dimension, etc..

    Planets attraction of its accessories and expulsion

    At the outset, I say that this force varies dramatically with far gravity, or gravity between the stars and planets. And we call it attraction. It is not our goal to increase the number of forces, but understanding the truth is correct, on the basis that everything that happens in nature depends on the characteristics of the material. And to access to the truth.
    We know a lot of planets and stars and it attracts of the objects, and this attraction is not commensurate with its mass, and bodies mass. There are many examples of this. In some of the giant planets, we find that the attraction does not differ or only slightly differ from the Earth's attraction.
    How can we assure their laws. And find that attractive in a big planet, is less than the Earth's attraction. Indeed, what happens is that some planet's are trying to increase there planet's mass, making them more stable in space. And there on the contrary, planets want to get rid of its mass. Some stars also get rid of the excess mass. Nuclei get rid of excess mass. There are several factors, reliable pull or expulsion, including mass objects, the proportion of there charges, the amount of there charges , distance of the body from the surface. That is, one of the properties of the material and there are other properties contrary to it.

    Electricity and Magnetism

    We have said previously that any object or particle can be polarized. And the group as well. Body contains Mona strong particles part, more than the other part, it becomes polarized. And the Earth as well.
    Now talking about magnets and say that: an iron has polarized atoms in the metal which is found randomly, and if we order them, some particles go out of the tropical group, because its existence, upsetting the balance of the group. And most of these particles revolve in the same direction. It is important to know that these field are particles, and these particles have the ability to move other particles, inside elements that its particles can be moved, such as copper, for example. The action of moving a few particles of the material into a wire for example, is what we call electricity. The issuance of these particles from the point of resistance, is what we call the beam, if we were invisible particles that this visible light, and this depends on the nature of the resistance and the quality of particle and particle mass and the amount of current to the end.

    Note: - The one space object, can increase magnetic globe, or reverse its magnetic pole, this depends on his cargo of space object and where it landed.

    The New atomic form

    That the atom consists of nucleus and electrons and other particles of different size and moonlet, There is no a difference between atom and the sun group or any other group constellations.
    Now that the quantity of groups Mona positive and negative, that construction the particle. Or the amount of a strong nucleus of atoms, and weak nucleus which is the body. The mass of the body or the particle to the Group, are what determines what is the body or particle, and what the direction of the group and disposal of objects and other groups.
    All of these particles and objects and groups polarized charged and have mass, which is part and parcel of the atom. It remains to say that there is an atoms have nuclei charge, stronger than the orbital particles. Or atoms have nuclei charge weaker than the orbital particles. Furthermore, there are positive nuclei, also negative nuclei, and their tropical bodies are positive. Exist between these objects and particle mass close to a neutral state and with a big block and another with a smaller of the normal and far from the neural.
    And in this sense we can explain what is happening in the universe and the nature. Here, I want to abolish the concept of power of the nature, and replaced it by the concept of properties of the material. As we have already seen, how they have Standardization of the forces of nature or by force and arbitrary, on the similarities and not by the attributes.

    All that was explained earlier is a summary, for testing the new model, no more, and I will soon go deeper in each subject suggested above.
    Although most of the explanations, and frames of the theory, become clear.

    Black Holes

    I want to point out that black holes, are stars only negatively charged, and this according to my theory. These stars absorbs positively charged particles, because the composition of most of the atoms of the star are type weak nuclei, we see the star like a hole.
    Dr Sadi S Mona

    Optical phenomena


    This theory belongs to all, anyone can develop it as he wants, how much student better than there teachers.

    Soon will be the formulation of the theory mathematically, but we want to make sure first, that it is able to explain all the phenomena of nature, and it is compatible with the truth, and then be mathematically formulated, and because it is not all what mathematics comes is the reality, you will see how many theory will shatter soon, and they have the most beautiful mathematics in those theories.

    Greetings to everyone who sent me a message, I hope that you will not messaging, more than two lines, because I find it very difficult to translate the messages. There are people I will never forget their names all my life, they inspired me and gave me the perseverance.

    Optical phenomena

    At the outset we know that the particles of light that we see, is only a small group, between the other particles, the smaller mass particles and the largest mass particles of particles of light. And other particles with different recipes somewhat. There is an easy interpretation of the phenomena Revocation particle of light such as reflection. Now we will look to each phenomenon separately.

    But before we begin, we must remember the law of the proportion of the charge, and quantity of the charge. And particles is charged, and with mass, and polarizing. And any particle of light particles composed of groups not significant smoothly.

    We do not deny that the atoms or particles can moving undulation, such as the materialism waves of the sea. But this does not mean that the particle of light have wave properties at all.

    This is a summary of the main points in each phenomenon


    In fracture, blue particle is the biggest mass, the red light the smaller mass , and is the largest amount of cargo, it interacts with more intense with thick environment than the red. Therefore, the speed slows more, and its deviation is greater, when he entered the thick environment.
    This means that the total particle interacts with atoms in the environment of this dense material that is causing the slow, angle there is no dispute over its interpretation. Left as quickly as he entered, it is because he did not friction into, and had not been subjected to friction, but the Mona constituent groups, was interact with the thick environment material.


    In the diffraction, what happens to the board of material, with weak nuclei, negatively charged particle, for the positive particles, It attracts red particles more easily, to the board, and separated it from the beam, more than the large particle, how have larger mass and relatively lower proportion of the charge.


    Such as diffraction , but added:
    In interference there is two types of particles, interference in the same area of the fall, if we collected the two particles Codes and divided at two, we know if we can see, or do not see the light in the fall. The following example shows how. If we assume that red particle code is 7, and blue code is 4, and we see the light with codes from 4 to 7, problem solved, simply.
    As for the areas of visible and invisible, it is because only one reason, that we do not see these particles, not because there are no particles, but they are either ultraviolet or infrared.


    We have stated that most of the particles are polarized particles, that one of the poles contains weak nuclei Mona groups, more than the other pole, particles have bipolar, and that these particles exist in the beam, random-polarized.
    When radiation pass a material that have polarized properties, or of a space net, such as tourmaline crystals, this material work to arrange the particles beam, so that each pole of a particle, opposite to the pole opposite the other in the particle. tourmaline organizing the beam, and send it to the right and left. when we but other plate of tourmaline, perpendicular, the other plate work on moving the rest light, to the bottom and top.

    These are principles, and the rest are similar to other theories, to be replace of, frequency and wavelength, to the proportion of the charge and the quantity of the charge.
    What we see in electroscope are in fact groups of particles, in the form of waves. This means that the sum of these particles are waves, like material waves of the sea. But lonely one particle, does not have the waves properties at all.
    We see in electroscope, waves of particles, not a material wave, or particle who have waves properties.

    Energy and Motion


    This theory, is the revolution in physics, and will cause a revolution in all of science. It looks at the issue of energy, from another perspective, based on a new basis; a scientific revolution is real, against all deviant thoughts and misguided.
    Start, there are particles moving to objects, such as particles of light, and there are other objects move and produce particles, such as wind, objects move, and moves other objects such as bullets, or materials turn into other materials, and give particle to the surroundings, such as burning oil.
    The common divisor that is mass and moving particles, then, is moving of masses, exploited intelligently. This topic is long and very beautiful, which make easier for us, to better energy utilization, in addition to finding alternative energies will be easy, based on the principles of the theory.
    Now the definition of energy: it is the moving material.

    Dr: Sadi S. Mona

    Warming of the atmosphere

    We do agree, and we support, who says that the phenomenon of global warming, as a result of the increase in some gases, are causing global warming. As well as warming leads to global warming.
    But we look at this issue from another angle, that is, from the viewpoint of the theory.
    The warming, caused by positive particles, from the physical transformations, such as combustion or war or nuclear bombs ... Etc.. And that increased warming on Earth, leading to disruption of cross-interaction between the earth and the sun.
    We know that the earth takes positive particles from the sun, and give negative particles, and the distance between the sun and the Earth is totally dependent, the need for the two blocs for the exchange of particles, the increase of positive particles on the Earth surface, leading to less need for exchange with the sun, and then change the distance between the Earth and the sun, or changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun, albeit slightly, leading to an uneven ground in orbit around the sun, and with the other planets also, and run level, possibly a disaster for humans, don't have solution.

    The exit of objects with weak nuclei atoms, such as space vehicles, out of the area of the globe, this result in a decrease of, weak nuclei atoms, low ratio of weak nuclei elements, making the land more neutralization.

    Answers and Notes

    Theory and the atomic model will be publishing tomorrow, is to clarify for those who had been unable to understand the theory and the model, because I do not know the drawing by the computer, or I do not know the language. And the fast publishing, and not explaining some of the ideas necessary clarification.
    I thank all of the added discuss Google, but I can not reply, because I do not understand well the English language, and I thank Google company, and it's translate.
    Einstein died, and tomorrow his ideas die, Enough is enough, idle makeup to Relativity, it's destruction for human thought, because the bad theories, makes people think differently and disagreement, working to increase the band of human thought, and then no understanding between people, leading to hatred and wars, and I invite them to support this theory, and support the best.
    To those who did not understand me, invite me to a conference in theoretical physics, and I will explain everything about the theory, I do not want anything in return.
    Theory contains little equations, mathematics and easy, I will write it in an hour, and I will attach it soon.
    If anyone have an advertisement, and pay me fifty dollars a month, I will able to use good interpreter, capable to translation the theory.
    Special thanks to all who supported me or directed me. Especially to Professor Smith and Konchok Penday, and I tell him that I did not mean to write wow, but who is, and thank all the professors and other scientists, I will never forget their helps.
    Greetings to everyone who sent me a message, I hope that the message will not be, more than two lines, because I find it very difficult to translate the messages, I spent five hours to translate one page and online help translations.
    There are people I will never forget their names all my life, has inspired me and made me continue to work.

    This theory belongs to all, anyone can, add whatever he wants, how many student surpass the teachers.

    Will be the formulation of the theory mathematically soon after the completion of the commentary, because I want to make sure to everyone, the ability of the theory to clarify, and explain all the phenomena of nature, without exception. It is compatible with the truth, and is then formulated mathematically.
    Not everything that comes from. Mathematics is the fact, you will see how much theories will shatter and break down soon, and the most beautiful mathematics in those theories. Because some people believe that, when set equal to or relationship to something, he believe that he has reached the truth, and this is fatal fault.
    Dr: Sadi S Mona

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