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Thread: Experimental Challenge To Quantum Theory

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    This is the first in a series of new experiments which I plan to post weekly challenging the principles of non-locality and complementarity. This first experiment is very straight forward. First light from a 630-680nm laser is passed through a 0.60mm single slit. This is done to generate small beams or bans with sharp well defined edges. Next at 4.145m farther two 0.50mm slits, separated by 1.90mm are placed so that the left slit is positioned in the center of the dark area between bans in the single slit pattern and the right slit is positioned inside the adjacent ban of light. When the right slit of the double slit is blocked light does not pass and show up on the display screen. When the left slit is the one blocked the expected broad bans and spacing of a single slit inteference pattern appear. However, with both slits open the narrow, tightly spaced double slit pattern shows on the display screen 12m ahead. My interpretation is that because only one path through the double slits is available to photons then the double slit pattern cannot be the result of the convergence of different possible paths as in quantum theory. Instead I believe the photon generates a larger field that must pass through both slits to redirect the photon core into a position in the double slit pattern. Am I missing something?

    A diagram and details can be viewed by going to and scrolling down to Refined Offset Beam Experiment.

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