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Thread: Instant Feedback theory of Time travel.

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    Let us suppose that you have a time machine, and you decide that you really hate your grandfather, and you want to go back in time and kill him before he can marry your grandmother.

    When the cells/electric impulses in your brain attempt to align around the pursuit of this objective, they encounter exactly the same problem that a single photon encounters when it travels through a double slit apparatus and strikes a barrier on the other side.

    Just as the photon is totally incapable of landing anywhere on that barrier, except places where a pair of photons would not destructively interfere, so also the impulses in your brain are totally incapable of entering any state that would allow you to prevent yourself from being born. Your brain is simply not capable of carrying out the decision.

    You still have the same free will the photon has, however.. The photon chooses randomly among the various places where it is allowed to land, and your brain would enjoy the same freedom. It would never be obviously apparent to you that your free will is being compromised (because it wouldn't feel compromised), but you could probably devise some interesting experiments to determine that it was. In the 2 slit experiment, it's kind of like the photon "just so happens" to never choose to go to those locations. There's no obvious motivating force.

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