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Thread: Rest mass and relativistic mass

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    The concept "mass" is the topic of the paper REST MASS AND RELATIVISTIC MASS, published on , as comment upon "the theory of informatons".

    In that paper is shown that:

    1. The rate at which an object, that whether or not is at rest relative to an inertial reference frame O, is emitting informatons in the space linked to O is determined by its rest mass if time is measured by a standard clock in O.

    2. It is determined by its relativistic mass if time is measured by a standard clock in O' . O', the "eigen inertial frame" of the object, is the inertial reference frame that , at the considered moment, moves relative to O at the same velocity as the object.

    3. The linear momentum (vector p) of a point mass is determined by its relativistic mass.

    4. The amount of energy represented by a point mass in an inertial reference frame O is the product of its relativistic mass and the square of the speed of light.

    5. The law of conservation of information is also valid when the included masses (charges) move or when the mass (charge) density is time dependent (first law of Maxwell and its equivalent in gravity)

    Note: The "theory of informatons" is presented on this forum under the topic GRAVITATION AND ELECTROMAGNETISM. An introduction is published on: . More information about the theory can be found on: .

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