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Thread: Were the continents once gathered by Equator?

  1. #1 Were the continents once gathered by Equator? 
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    Here is a theory there I suggests
    that instead of Pangaea the continents formed a
    belt around the equator, spun out as the earth cooled,
    as a centrifuge would.

    I presents redrawn maps
    to show how this concept would handle the magnetic
    orientations and transcontinental chemical parallel
    features, etc. I am sure that this is
    the only way the continents could possibly form.

    If you take a closer look at Gondwanaland who is the best evidence for Wegener`s theory, you can see the ONLY thing I have done, that is to move Gondwanaland away from Eurasia to explain those heavy
    mountain ranges there. The geoligist today have no explanation for this mountains over Eurasia today!

    To get North-America close to Europa, I only had to move Gondwanaland so far that all landmass on earth form a belt along Equator before N. America and Europa fits togheter as Wegener told us.

    That is the only thing I have done to get an explanation for the enormous mountain ranges we talk about. The result of this total necessary movement:

    Pangaea did NOT stretch from pol to pole on one side of the Earth, but was a belt along Equator. That explain tropical forest there where we find ice today as Svalbard and Antartica and so on.

    My theory is only a litle movement at Gondwanaland and that`s all.

    It takes 28 minutes to read the theory. You can find it here:



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    Don't repost multiple threads. There's one in Pseudo already. I will leave it open.


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