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Thread: Discovering the Obvious... and Sticking to It

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    Hi, Everyone,

    We tend to think about things as if we can approach them in an absolute manner.

    We rarely, if ever, consider our own structure and way of perceiving things, as it is taken for granted, and it is the only one we know.

    To start with some overlooked obvious facts:

    What is common among breathing, blood circulation, digestion, bio-electrical activity, etc.?
    Well, they are all wave events.
    Mechanical and bio-electrical waves.

    What are our unique fingerprints?
    Wave interference phenomena.

    We have been overlooking for quite some time the wave side of our nature.

    What is a manic phase as well as a depressive one?
    Obviously waves with opposite polarity.

    How do infectious diseases spread, as well as financial crises?
    In waves.

    An example of bio-physical (not bio-chemical!) reaction,
    or a wave interference phenimenon is this:

    Jack Dreyfus,
    desynchronised his depression wave with PHT,
    but very few others have found it useful.
    The reason is very simple:
    One man's depression (an obvious wave event)
    has a wave period of, let's say, 179 days,
    and is desynchronised by a certain molecule.
    Another person (seemingly suffering from the 'same' disease - depression),
    has a 178 days wave period of his depressed mental state.
    So, a completely different agent will be necessary to desynchronise it.

    The Pragmatics of this is:
    All we need is a device (machine)
    detecting the electro-magnetic spectral profile
    of simple molecules, compounds, micro-organisms, foods and drinks,
    and ourselves,
    and then by matching them
    to discover what is best and worst for us
    as far as our wave nature is concerned.

    will be put to work to kill instantly microorganisms infecting our bodies
    (no need of anti-biotics in the classical sense, just a molecule resonating as closely as possible with the infectious agent).
    Dissonance will be put to work to de-synchronize resonant events
    (mental disorders, social problems, etc.)

    About the Simple Relativity of Time

    Question: How long is 'now'? How long does 'one present moment' last?

    Consciousness is our experience of the dominating bioelectrical wave
    of a certain length (and respective frequency and wave period),
    that our brains process when we are awake.
    For example, if my brain is set to a dominant Alpha rhythm of 10 Hz,
    I will experience 10 moments of 'now' in one second.
    'Now' lasts 0,1 seconds.
    If in states of urgencies it starts working at 100 Hz for example,
    I will experience 10 times more 'present moments' than usual.
    'One present moment' equals 0,01 seconds.
    Subjectively this is experienced as slowing down time
    (people surving extreme danger report exactly this).
    If in a state of relaxation by brain works at 1 Hz dominant frequency,
    I will experience time as being ten times faster than usual
    (this is exactly what meditating people report).
    'Now' lasts 1 second.
    If in a state of 0,000- - 07 Hz dominant frequency for example,
    I will be doing what Edgar Cayce did,
    since my 'now' will be, let's say, 3 months.
    If in a state of 0,000000- -04 Hz dominant frequency,
    I will be doing what Nostradamus did,
    since my 'now' would be 300 years.
    The respective wave length being, let's say, several thousand kilometers,
    I will be able not only to 'see' through time, but also through long distances.

    We do not need Einstein's elevator to understand these simple phenomena.

    Maybe our nature is much more simple than we think it is.

    But we need to Follow the Razor to understand it.

    Complexity (including extreme complexity)
    is the end result of simple (extremely simple) wave events,
    interfering among themselves in multiple and complex ways.

    To avoid the muddle, the complexity of the results
    should not be mixed up with the simplicity of the pattern.

    And finally, we all agree there are too many of us on this planet now.
    Maybe population growth is just another synchronized wave event.

    Waiting for replies to go further,

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    what is the critical wave event in digestion?

    "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

    - Arnaud Amalric
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    Waves. That is just another (useful) way of seeing. There are many.
    A pong by any other name is still a pong. -williampinn
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