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Thread: Quantum Transfer/Exchange/Communication

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    This may at first sound far out or wrong but please by open-minded.
    Quantum particles apparently go back and forth between a Vertical and Horizontal state perpendicular to each other. Through various steps there seems to be away of transferring information since you can read the on/out, right/left, 1/0 state and therefore encode information.
    No one knows why this is and it is unpredictable.
    Well, could it not have something to do with EM and/or Gravity fields which like requires energy to come to balance, to rest, to equal and to equilibrium. If you look at the building on Planet Earth, you see they are all perpendicular! Also, the actual forces pulling down on a building need to equal out or it will topple.
    Now, is this not the same law and force which is affecting the Vertical and Horizontal states of quanta? :?

    see website for more info...
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