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Thread: Atlantis: One more hypothesis

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    The futile quest of storied island Atlantis in Atlantic Ocean direct on thought that place for searching was chosen untrue. Obviously, researchers delude the similarity of names Atlantis and Atlantic Ocean though the last has got its present name well after Platon’s temporary.

    Platon has placed its Atlantis for Herculean poles i. e. outside the Mediterranean Sea. If Atlantis is absent to the west from the Mediterranean, there is sense to expect that island inhere east that is to say in the Black sea. This hypothesis confirms that fact that exactly 8 thousands B. C. (which strangely exactly complies with specified by Platon time of ruin Atlantis) in consequence of earthquake (to which too indicates Platon) was formed the strait Bosporus and water of Mediterranean Sea were connected with water of Black Sea in consequence of which the level of latter vastly rose, as has caused flooding of the island.

    As to sizes of Atlantis, Platon’s description of channel, which led from medium of island to the sea, allows to draw a conclusion that Atlantis was exactly island, rather then mainland, in the latter case channel simply dry up.

    From card of Black Sea depths follows that sunken island could base in its northwest part since in other places sea is enough deeply and has not the shoals. However drift of silt by the rivers Danube, Dniester, Dnieper and Bug during 10 thousands of years have vastly raised the relief of seabed in this part of the sea that vastly complicates the quest of sunken and brought by silt civilization.

    Certainly, confirm or refuse existance of Atlantis can only diving. In the opinion of author, most rationally begin the quest near natural, rather then alluvial eminences of seabed, in the first place near the Snake’s island, which there was top of before flood, which tower over land.

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