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Thread: Vehicular Power (NOT PROPULSION!!!) via a Magnetic Source

  1. #1 Vehicular Power (NOT PROPULSION!!!) via a Magnetic Source 
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    In your opinion, what is the probability of magnetic power of some kind being utilized en mass for vehicular power? How effective do you feel it will be? Do you feel that such technology would be efficient in the long run?

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    Actually I heard something a while ago about some company that invented a full sized car that was computer controled. The computer could tell where the road was going by the magnets that where in the road. I thought it was a good idea, until I realized how expensive it would be to put those magnets in every street. But if they could find a cheaper way to do it, then lots of disabled people could take cars places and not need someone eles to drive, as the computer would do it by finding the magnets.

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