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    Does thought comes before or after an action? Are there thoughts behind routine actions that we perform in our daily lives? And why do we do what we do?

    The Law of Purpose states that the only way to produce positive, and purposeful results is by changing the thought behind an action.

    According to what I understand from the clip, it says that all thoughts precedes every action. And that the intention that precedes the thought is always an egoistic one. Since each action is preceded by thought which is preceded by intention, that means our intentions and thoughts affects the general system around us. Put all of these egoistic intentions and thoughts together you get something which is in direct conflict with nature.

    In other words, the financial crises and other problems that appear in the world today are manifestations of the egoistic intention and thought in each of us which is against nature. As we need nature for our subsistence, it maybe a good idea to start thinking of how we can change our intentions.

    ~ One’s ultimate perfection depends on the development of all the members of society ~ Kabbalah
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    define thought.

    define action.

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    Newnothing, this is the second time you've posted Kabbalah-related material in new hypotheses. Show us how this stuff can be tested, or link us to evidence which demonstrates that it has been tested. Otherwise I'll be moving this stuff elsewhere.
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    Not all thoughts and actions are created equally.

    There are some things you can do without a brain. You still have basic reflexes for example.

    In a paralyzed person the thought is not followed by an action. Even though the same part of the brain that controls your finger, for example, is present, using it has no effect. For obvious reasons.

    I do not know enough about it though. Maybe that part of the brain doesn't fire if there is no "circuit" so to speak. No idea.

    In general, that concept is purely philosophical trying to inspire conscious thought, whether or not it is true does not determine whether or not it is useful.
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