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    I've devised a experiment for a nickel catalyst in a fuel cell (PEM).

    First I make hydrogen through electrolysis and collect it in a test tube.

    Now this test tube is special because I've rigged it like a mini fuel cell. To stop the hydrogen from coming out of the test tube, I made this little assembly that ressembles the MEA in PEM fuel cells. It's a nickel plate with a plastic sheet under it and a wire connecting the catalyst exposed to the hydrogen to the plastic exposed to the air.

    Theoretically, the hydrogen should get split by the nickel into its protons and electrons. The protons go through the plastic, but since the electrons can't they take the wire to make it to the other side and react with the oxygen in the air. So I should feel moisture on the outside of the plastic, right? Or around it, at least.

    I haven't done this yet but maybe I'll do it tomorrow or in the week.


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