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    I think what caught my fancy about the story of Francis Bacon1, in addition to his works of art and some of the quite stimulating and provocative things he said about art and the creative process, was the transfer in tact to Ireland of Bacon’s entire art studio at 7 Reece Mews in South Kensington. Bacon worked in this studio from 1961 to 1992. It is unlikely that this will ever happen to my study. The reasons for this are complex but obvious after a brief reflection.

    My study holds less interest for the eye than Bacon’s studio. There is less colour, little clutter, far less heterogeneity and diversity of materials here. What I have here in my study is an orderly arrangement of books, files, furniture and stationary resources. In a general culture that takes more interest in the visual than in print a place like this study has virtually nothing to offer the art gallery, the library, the museum. The archivist or the librarian might find some print materials here that they could integrate into their wider collections. But I can not think of any reason to keep this study at “6 Reece Street” in tact for some future generation, as the studio of Francis Bacon has been kept.-Ron Price with thanks to 1“7 Reece Mews,” ABC TV, 11:20-12:20 p.m., 14/15 August, 2005.
    I watched “7 Reece Mews,”
    on ABC TV last night
    14th /15th August 2005
    and wondered to myself
    if there was any point in
    tranfering my study to some
    home for tourists to come,
    a place to serve as model
    location for serious reflection.

    But after brief consideration
    I concluded that this could
    never happen to my world,
    this extension of who I am,
    this identity framework
    that tells much about this
    self, this person, this man
    from Canada transplanted
    to the Antipodes near the
    end of the Nine Year Plan
    to spend the rest of his life
    and lay his bones in the soil
    at the southern end of the exis.
    Ron Price
    August 15th 2005

    married for 37 years; teacher for 30; living in Australia for 33 years; Baha'i for 45 years. Writer of poetry for 25 years.
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