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    With the recent rulings in California about home schooling I would like to know some of your opions on the subject. Do you think that kids that are home schooled lack anything or are they more advanced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikeick
    With the recent rulings in California about home schooling I would like to know some of your opions on the subject. Do you think that kids that are home schooled lack anything or are they more advanced?

    Here is my take on those persons I know that were home schooled.

    The ones that I know (on the whole);
    a. tend to take education more seriously than their public-schooled counterparts,
    b. tend to have learned the basic material better,
    c. tend to be slightly more religious,
    d. tend to lack a certain amount of social skills compared to their p-s counterparts.

    These are the only differences that come to mind at the moment.

    I'm not sure which is better. But I certainly would like to have either option for my children. I suppose I would send my children to public school but take a very active role in their education by trying to instill curiosity, skepticism, and a general desire to learn. I think a good way to do this is to simply engage them in discussions about the subject matter they're learning and raise questions as food for thought, while trying not to be a know-it-all.


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    It depends on what the schools are like.

    I considered home schooling for my son and looked into it. Both had pluses and negatives.

    I was concerned about state schools here (uk) which seem to be going from bad to worse!

    I was lucky to get him into a good school in the end, but if i hadn't i would have definitely kept him home.

    But then i have difficulty getting him motivated to do his homework. What would it have been like if he was at home all day having to work!

    If it's an only child school is a good idea from a socializing point of view.

    Not sure what the ruling was you're talking about, so i'll go an take a look
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    They lack social skills and a lot of the more complexed educational topics taught at school and only get taught the basics - but fairly well, if not better than school kids.

    Also, it should be a matter that they get to choose; if school is to stressful or hard for you kid - sure home school them. If they can handle it and want knowledge in more complex topics - go to school as this looks better on a resume and allows for more job opportunities in the future into more advanced fields.

    But thats is just my opinion..
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    I voted good, everyone should do it, even though I don't really think it is for everyone, you should have added that to the poll... I'm probably going to home school my son, and involve him in social activities until he is High School aged, but by the time he is that old he may just be able to go straight into taking some college credit courses. I dunno, we'll see! I really don't think they should take the parent's right to choose what is best for their child away! Are they going to start forcefully removing children into boarding schools and put the parents into jail if they refuse to use public schools? Sounds like schools are becoming even more of a government sponsored monopoly than they were before!
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    California, until that ruling, was one of 17 (apx) States that had no regulations on Home Schooling. Most States have some to strict regulations, many requiring certain educational levels for the parent and what is taught. Home schooling has come before the US Supreme Court many times and ruled 'Legal'. It may get another shot, with the California plan, but think it will remain legal. Remember the LA California case involved an alleged child molester teaching his children, which takes on other social implications.

    One of the reasons, parents choose to educate their own children is that Social Interaction received and how its portrayed in classrooms. Not only with a religious viewpoint, but pertaining to all the perceived differences in social attitudes.

    Government schooling (public schools) in the US, has no monopoly on Education and had been declining for years. Religious Schools, Private Schooling and group programs (similar to home schooling) have been taking on larger roles. K-12, is still one issue, local and State Law prevails, with Federal requirements for grant money can place limited requirements, generally on testing for perceived decline/increase in effectiveness of certain requirements...If your looking for a villain in Education, at all levels you might look at Teacher Unions. Teaching requirements have increased in many places, to offset teacher tenures of Unions, but in many cases qualified and genuinely motivated individuals will go to private education or change career paths.
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