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Thread: Evolutionary theory (of man) challenged!!!!

  1. #1 Evolutionary theory (of man) challenged!!!! 
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    Ain't such a huge challenge where you're gonna get creationists saying "I told you so," but...

    Whence comes this logic: no evidence = false?

    Theists welcome.
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    You'll have to forgive me, I'll read the whole article when I get a moment, but one thing caught my eye.

    The article says that there was a problem because one species of human coexisted with another species, thought to have come from the first, for a period of time.

    Well duh.

    I mean, many species coexist with their evolutionary ancestors. Just because a species evolves, doesn't mean that all previous "versions" suddenly vanish, nor that they ever will. Sometimes the ancestor species dies off, other times both can coexist. The insect world is choked with such examples, as is the fish and invertebrate world. I ran into an example while on a recent vacation: Polynesian jungle fowl, the ancestors of the modern chicken, rummaging right alongside chickens.

    I probably need to read the rest of the article, of course, but that didn't seem like a good argument against the evolution of humans.

    Nice snip, though, scientstphilosophertheist! This is good food for thought!

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