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Thread: US Clinic plans first transplant of human face

  1. #1 US Clinic plans first transplant of human face 
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    The Cleveland Clinic in the United states says it is the first institution to receive review board approval of human facial transplant for someone severely disfigured by burns or disease.

    Several independent medical teams around the world also are pursuing the procedure. The Cleveland Clinic said its approval on October 15 followed ten months of debate on medical, ethical and psychological issues.

    It has no current patients or donors for the procedure.

    "We are, at this point, ready to begin screening patients," said Dr Maria Siemionow, the hospital's Director of plastic surgery research and training in microscopic surgery, who advocated the procedure.

    Doctors at the clinic said finding an appropriate donor cadaver for the facial skin and underlying tissue might be more difficult than choosing a patient, which could take up to two years.
    Click on the link above to read the complete story. Brings a whole new meaning to changing your identity.

    Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name
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    Icky! Hope I never gonne be up for a facial transplant. Face/Off...

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    I was thinking of Face Off too. It's odd in that movie how when they get a face transplant, their bodies switch too! And their voices! Ha ha ha.
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