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    I want to write science articles for my high school's newspaper but I'm unsure of where to start such as the topics, sources and what would be appropiate topics for HS science. Would anyone have any suggestions?

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    I don't have ideas for specific topical stories, but I have some for regular features.

    Simple descriptions of analytical techniques.
    Imagine describing gas chromatography to a high-school educated technician, or a CFO; the world really needs more articles like this. Copyright them; I would pay for good ones.

    Articles on the history of science.
    We seldom learn in high school of earlier theories that were discredited. I think a lot more kids would be interested in science if they were taught that some times people were just wrong.

    Evidence of -isms in scientific theories.
    Some of the things respected [white Christian] men of science have said about women and people of color would leave you speechless.
    [Crib the notes in Gould's 'The Mismeasure of Man".]

    The Darwin Awards.
    Young people profit most from bad examples. [And people always laugh the hardest at things they may have done themselves.]

    The Ig Noble Prize.
    Actually, real research techniques are used.

    Math puzzles.
    Science without math is meaningless.
    Math without practical application is often no fun.

    Include a new interesting web-site in every issue; not necessarily science related, but a good informational web-site or message-board.

    Kitchen chemistry.
    After all, everyone knows that eventually they will have to cook.

    You should also include some thing about astronomy and a controversial theory as often as possible; everyone [except me] loves astronomy, and controversy among adults will always interest kids.

    Please do this; I am so tired of explaining to intelligent well educated friends that a pipet is a tiny little turkey baster ...

    Why do they want us to believe Conspiracy Theories?
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    Hi! I’m Becky and I’m working with the new MTV show “The Paper,” a reality show about an award-winning high school paper. I don't have any particular advice on science articles, but here are some general tips from the kids on "The Paper" to keep in mind when doing work for your high school newspaper:

    Giana says: Laugh: During deadline, everything sucks and everyone is stressed. I've learned it's easier to laugh about the disasters than cry or fight about them because after everything works out (it always does) you'll be laughing about it anyway.

    Adam says: Make sure that you ask questions and to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. When I was a sophomore, Giana and I got an internship at The Miami Herald and we were the youngest ones there. Adults will take you seriously if you have the drive and willingness to succeed, like we showed them.

    If you want to read more, their full interviews are up on our MySpace blog here:
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    Who wants to know?
    You could do a science advice column and try to answer any science questions people mite have. It'd be anonymous, so the kids wouldnt be worried about being labeled "nerds".

    -Rolls eyes at the word "nerd"-
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