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Thread: Surge in violence raises fears of new war in Iraq

  1. #1 Surge in violence raises fears of new war in Iraq 
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    By Ian Johnston, Staff Writer, NBC News
    A major uptick in sectarian violence which has killed about 2,000 people since April 1 has sparked fears that Iraq is heading for a full-scale civil war that could draw in powerful regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia.
    There are already signs that the current conflict is starting to merge with the bitter fighting in Syria, creating a war zone from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.
    The United Nations envoy in Iraq, Martin Kobler, has issued repeated warnings in the last few weeks, pleading with Iraq’s leaders to take urgent action.
    “Small children are burned alive in cars. Worshippers are cut down outside their own mosques . This is beyond unacceptable,” he said on May 17; “Systemic violence is ready to explode at any moment,” was his message on May 30; and on June 16, he complained of “another round of deadly and remorseless acts of terrorism.”

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    Hard to see the uptick:
    Iraq Body Count

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