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Thread: Open Access Therapeutic and Experimental Drugs Database Launched

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    We have launched an open access therapeutic and experimental drugs database as a part of Sciclips’ initiatives for open innovation. This database contains a list of drugs that are primarily extracted from issued patents and patent applications. Each drug types are listed based on their functionality and associated drug targets. More than 15,000 drugs are currently listed in this database.

    This open access therapeutic and experimental drugs database will be helpful to the researchers who are in need of this information. Because of the complexity of the data presentation in patents or patent applications, often these valuable information do not reach the researchers in a timely manner. We believe this database will opens up new avenues for exploring innovative methods and tools for discovering new targets/drugs and may also help to avoid redundancy in drug discovery research. This database may also provide intelligent information on several key aspects such as drug targets and drug types, which are critical in drug discovery research.

    The details of this database is available at Open access therapeutic & experimental drugs database

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