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    " It is the most complex space physics experiment ever built, and it will launch on shuttle Endeavour this week.

    The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02) is also the most expensive, valued at $2bn (1.2bn) - although no-one is really quite sure how much it has cost.

    The 7-tonne machine will sit atop the International Space Station (ISS) and undertake a comprehensive survey of cosmic rays - the storm of high-energy particles (mostly protons and helium nuclei) that are accelerated in our direction from exploded stars, black holes and who knows what other exotic corners of the cosmos. "

    This sounds like a very exciting mission that could throw up all manner of new and exotic stuff. In the mission statement it says that they will be able to detect particles that have been sent our way via courtesy of black holes. Is this possible ?

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