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Thread: Awesome new battery technology

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    Toshiba Corp. Latest News about Toshiba said Tuesday it has developed a new lithium-ion battery Latest News about Batteries that drastically cuts recharging time thanks to the use of nanotechnology.

    The new battery requires only one minute to recharge 80 percent of its capacity, approximately 60 times faster than standard lithium-ion batteries, according to the major Japanese consumer electronics maker.

    The quick recharging has been made possible through the use of nanoparticles that absorb a vast amount of lithium ions into negative electrodes and prevent organic liquid electrolytes from reducing during battery recharging.

    The battery also has a long life since it loses only one percent of its capacity each 1,000 times it is recharged and discharged.

    The product is designed for use in hybrid vehicles and portable electronic equipment, as well as a wide range of other applications, Toshiba said.

    Toshiba aims to commercialize the battery within 2006, it said.

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    gimmegimme! would make good use in my photocamera

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    cool. i'd like a couple.
    1 min and it's 80% charged??? cool. that would mean my phone wuld never lose power...

    jesus .. my camera...

    i want some..
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