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Thread: Is it safe ? I saw it on the TV show in our city!!

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    Yesterday when i went outside for shopping,I saw there are a lot of people are all looking at one thing?Do you know what is that ?When i went closer it , i saw a machine which can produce a kind of clouds.All kinds of clouds.Such as Mickey Mouse,Heart,Dolphins images and so on .I can give you some pictures about this things.Just like this , is it beautiful ?But i really want to know that is it safe for the environment ?There are a lot of pictures like this on

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    This looks interesting. I think it uses bubbles and hydrogen gas made from electric currents through water. If that is how it works, it is completely safe, like flying a kite or blowing bubbles.

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    The SmileClouds's clouds are composed by “foam fluid + water + gas”, the "foam fluid" provided by SmileClouds with the safely biodegradable formula, conforms to American MSDS standard and Europe's ROHS standard, have no harm to the human body and the environment,the "water" is the ordinary pure water or the tap water, the" gas" namely refers the "helium" (helium is inert gas, and does not have harm to human body and environment,“oxygen and helium mixture air”deposits in the oxygen cylinder which often be used by the diver )lightly than air.

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