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Thread: Women and computer science

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    Science news has a recent article entitled, "Stereotypes steer women away from computer science". Apparently, associating "geekyness" with computer science repels women from being interested in computer science. However, women were more interested when this association was not made.

    This is very interesting. I think we could use more studies like these to help encourage underrepresented groups become more interested in science. I know that female physicists are in short number, and I am pretty sure that African-Americans are underrepresented as well.

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    All due no sexism intended here.

    Women do not have the mental, or evolutionary drive to become excellent in certain ares of science. Physics in particular, its the way the male and female mind are wired. Show me the female scientists I guarantee you many of them have a lot of aggression and determination, it has nothing to do with stereotypes.

    I know this sounds contraversial, and I will find evidence if you request it.

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