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    Just came across a really interesting concept which involves intensely heated armour plates which melt RPGs that come in contact with them. The whole system weighs 1-2 tonnes and will be used on light armoured vechiles from up-armoured HUMMVEEs to LAVs.

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    wouldnt "intensly heated" armour plates take alot of energy and cost alot of money may be possible if the military only makes 1 or 2 of them but will not be able to mass produce. Due to cost to run on a massive scale.

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    It never ceases to amaze me the amount of creativity focused on new ways of flushing millions of taxpayer dollars down the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex.

    Many times the most ludicrusly expensive wakky tobbaky technologies can be foiled by the simplest of tactics.

    Gazillion dollars starwars high-tech space interception
    response: suitcase nukes smuggled and embeded in the concrete of buildings built years ago (or hidden in shielded crates, etc)

    Million dollar Anti-RPG energy heated plates
    response: IED (or IED on 20$ radio-controled toy truck)

    Million dollar gamma xray to check containers
    response: bribe/blackmail/place one underpaid operator or security guard out of thousands

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