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Thread: evasive action (missile accuracy)

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    How effective is evasive action at actually shrugging off a missile attack?

    Likewise I guess a simular question is how accurate are missiles?


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    Both those vary wildly depending on the missile/aircraft evading.

    Missile accuracy depends on targeting systems, which may be a laser guiding it to a target with an accuracy of centimeters to launching at a trajectory with no further input, which can be dead on or way off.

    With anti-air missiles, typically they use heat tracking or some other active targeting system so that the missile will follow the aircraft's path. How effective the missile and aircraft's evasive action are depend on their relative maneuverability and skill of the pilot. Assuming the pilot knows what (s)he's doing and barring any other objects to cause problems in the vicinity, whichever is more maneuverable will eventually win.

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