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Thread: Autonomous Navy : Warships operated by AI with little or no crew!

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    The U.S. military is developing a navy which operates largely without sailors, relying on AI and programming from land-based facilities, employing GPS etc. to operate this "Ghost Fleet". For now, these ships sail with minimal personnel, and they are mainly used for complex operations such as transiting the Panama Canal, and docking at ports. (1)

    It is expected that such ships will minimize loss of life due to accidents, sinkings and wars, and eliminate the need for large crews and their high costs. A number of these vessels are now operating (2, 3).

    But will these advanced systems prevent an AI mutiny, Mr Christian?!

    "Ghost Fleet Ship ‘Nomad’ Arrives in California After 4,421 Nautical-Mile, ’98 Percent’ Autonomous Trip"


    "US Navy Takes Delivery of Larger, More Sophisticated Autonomous Vessel "



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