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Thread: Iran - Nuclear Weapons State, or Poker Player?!

  1. #1 Iran - Nuclear Weapons State, or Poker Player?! 
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    The news stories are out indicating that the Iranians are enriching U-235 to 20%, well short of that needed to build a bomb. But this is a major advance to the ~ 90% required.

    One of their top nuclear scientists was just assassinated (indications are by Israel using a remote device), which may be helping to drive this enrichment. The Iranians are not happy campers.

    Israel, their mortal enemy, is estimated to have hundreds of Pu-239-based nuclear weapons (mostly low yield neutron bombs?), or so it is believed by many.

    Does Iran have a chance at developing nuclear weapons and using them as a "deterrent"? Or are they just spinning up the centrifuges to try to get relief from crushing sanctions?

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