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Thread: Lasers - Tradeoff Between Bending And Power

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    Concerning lasers that are being developed for the purpose of shooting down missiles, drones, and in some cases aircraft, I once read somewhere that depending on the wavelength of the laser there is a tradeoff between how much the laser bends due to interference and how much power the laser has. Red lasers for instance with their relatively long wavelength will bend much less when going through certain mediums such as clouds or water in the air. That is why with a rainbow red is the top color, since red bends the least its arc will be more gradual than the other visible colors in a rainbow which arc more and therefore will be inside the red. Violet on the other hand with its very short wavelength bends much more than red. Violet has the shortest wavelength of all the visible colors and that's why its the innermost color in a rainbow, it arcs the most. Same thing happens when you shine white light through a prison, violet bends at a much greater angle than red and you can see that by the position of the colors of the light as it comes out of the prism.

    Anyway, the article I was reading went on to say that while red has the longest wavelength and thus bends the least that also because of its long wavelength its the least powerful. Violet with its much shorter wavelength bends more than red but also because of its shorter wavelength its more powerful. From what I do know about physics I do know that a violet laser will have more energy in it than a red laser due to its shorter wavelength but by the same token it will take more energy to produce a violet laser because of its greater energy. So, I don't see how there would be a difference in power. Energy in equals energy out. If you take an x amount of energy and pump it through a red laser device or a violet laser device, in either case the beams will be of equal power because what you put in is what you get out. While the violet laser beam will have more energy it also takes more energy to produce a violet laser so it all evens out. And also, 1W = 1W. If you take a 1W red laser and a 1W violet laser and shine them both against a solid black target they will both have the same effect. And since everything equals out, the energy required to produce a 1W red laser beam if put through a device that produces violet lasers will produce a 1W violet laser beam.

    From what I understand most if not all lasers used for shooting down missiles, drones, planes, ect are in the infrared range since an infrared laser will bend the least since its got its longest wavelength. And you're not losing any power in your beam by using an infrared laser as opposed to a violet laser since power really depends on your source, not the color or wavelength of your beam as I've pointed out above.

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