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Thread: What is the weight of a typical improvised explosive device?

  1. #1 What is the weight of a typical improvised explosive device? 
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    Heyo Science forum,
    I am here playing a flight simulator dropping Bombs on German fighters (set in WWII) and my plane is equipped with 4x 500 lb bombs.
    I notice they do quite a significant amount of damage to tanks, they destroy them. That brought up a question in my mind, I was wondering; what is the typical, or average, weight of an IED used by groups like taliban, al queda etc.. I certainly hope they are a lot weaker than these 500lbs bombs i am dropping.
    Thanks from a curious man!

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    All sizes, from letter and mail bombs such as used by T Kacynski, to daisy chained rockets, to truck size such as the Oklahoma City bomber (over 2 tons).

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