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Thread: China goes one better!

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    Oh my word!
    Not content with letting Iran get away with fictional "stealth fighters" (see my thread here) China is apparently looking forward to next-generation aircraft carriers.
    I think there's some cause for concern...

    (Translated accompanying text).
    4 Large aircraft carrier development trends

    Tags: aircraft carrier machinings unmanned aircraft concept weapons
    (Caption) Article photos
    Smoke won 3 diverse mission execution by the electromagnetic aircraft launch system is achieved by various types of aircraft. Stimulus frequency of aircraft and number of times of the in key to increase the combat capabilities of the carrier. This has thrust the high demand to catapult equipment. Tons tons of unmanned and manned aircraft replace the propulsion of the electromagnetic aircraft launch system can be controlled accurately alternative from ship made.

    Etc etc.
    More here.
    (Or, for those of you who are linguistically challenged 1 a report ON the report is here).

    Just in case you didn't think they were being entirely credible they also gave this picture as an example...

    1 That would also be me, BTW. Chinese, it's all, er, not Greek 2 to me.
    2 I can figure out Greek because it looks nearly Russian.

    In case anyone missed it the illustration is of the Battlestar Galactica.
    I'm not entirely convinced China is up to fielding one of those anytime in the foreseeable future.

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    Nice, er.... pictures. jocular

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    Trimarans to save fuel and railgun aircraft launch system are something the US Navy has been looking at for some time now. I have no idea what the city in the lower picture is supposed to be showing.
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