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Thread: Magnets.

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    I need a magnetic field that is 10 meters or bigger?
    Ideas, really, actually I need a magnetic field 500-1000 meters big :S.

    For a quantum trapping drone idea.

    My face,.

    Could use a giant magnet, sure why not.. Could be apart of the structure of a vessel; have the magnet be a turret, move a drone across a finite space.. but obviously not practical.

    Link to thread bout this idea:
    Quantum Trapping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Japith View Post
    I need a magnetic field that is 10 meters or bigger?
    Ideas, really, actually I need a magnetic field 500-1000 meters bigl
    Your question makes little sense. A magnetic field does not have a discrete boundary unless you impose one. An ordinary refrigerator magnet has a field that extends over all of space, in principle. I think what you really mean is that you need a magnetic field whose strength exceeds some particular value (which you did not specify) over some space.

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    Magnetic fields aren't really difficult to create, however one of the size you wish and at any strength they actually be useful at you will probarbly need some serious sized kit to do it with, perhaps if can get enough conductive material such as copper you could make a large solenoid:

    Bend a current carrying wire into a loop so as to concentrate the magnetic field inside the loop while weakening it on the outside. Bend the wire into a series of closely spaced loops to form a coil to enhance the effect. Forming the coil around an iron core may act as an electromagnet, generating a strong, well controlled magnetic field.
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