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Thread: Weapon System Development; What has you excited and what would you like to see.

  1. #1 Weapon System Development; What has you excited and what would you like to see. 
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    I was just thinking it would be fun to have some discussion on new weapon platforms, or modifications to existing platforms, and what those of us with interest in the area would like to see developed. Please try to keep posts of "dream" weapons to the plausible within the next 50 years range. No FTL spaceships with super laser guns.

    A current development I am keenly interested in is the upgrade being made to the old 70mm rocket pods. For those unfamiliar, back in the day a pod was developed that fired multiple 70mm unguided rockets. Kind of like a rocket claymore. The problem was that they were simply an area saturation weapon and had a high "collateral damage" risk. The latest development thanks to miniaturization is to make them laser guided. as you can read in this article. APKWS II: Laser-Guided Hydra Rockets in Production At Last

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    Real Terminators. So they can defend and secure hospitals that save shot, cut, dying children and freedom fighters from mad lunatic dictators.
    LUL sorry for taking up so much space, these pictures are too cool!

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