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Thread: How viable / effective would a Tsunami bomb be?

  1. #1 How viable / effective would a Tsunami bomb be? 
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    Tsunami Bomb - In essence exactly what it sounds like, a bomb that is dropped into the ocean in a place where it will be able to generate a tsunami to destroy (roughly) the area desired.

    There are conspiracies and what not about if these bomb's exist, but I want to know, how viable would one actually be? Could a bomb make a destructive wave like this or is this just a silly concept?

    As well as this, let's say that Tsunami bombs are in the process of being manufactured and are in theory viable. How effective would these bombs be? Would they in any way change warfare ( when it includes any land close to water )


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    You would have to spend much more energy creating a tsunami that will destroy the land area desired than dropping a much smaller energy bomb on the actual area and destroying the same area. For several reasons, including the fact that the energy dissipates in all directions, including all those you do not want (a tsunami effectively being a two dimensional bomb), hence huge energy loss. Unless you create some sort of gargantuan physical "wave wall" hundreds of kilometers long and use bombs to push said wall in the desired direction. This wall would also have to be very deep​, because a surface wave, no matter how large, would simply break down before reaching the target.
    The energy released in an earthquake capable of creating a destructive tsunami wave is gargantuan. The energy released in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was calculated to be able to power the entire world for 220 years.

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    Agree with pyoko, it's a complete waste of energy. You need a decent sized asteroid to create a damaging tsunami.
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    I agree with the above would be a waste of resources. If you are really after destruction on an epic scale, you are probably best off just upsizing the good old hydrogen bomb. It's effectiveness is really just limited by the delivery system employed, which is something that is much easier to work on than an artificial tsunami...
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